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Uzupełnij luki 1-11 przekształcając wyrazy podane w nawiasach tak aby otrzymać logiczny spójny i poprawny gramatycznie tekst. Wymagana jest pełna poprawność ortograficzna wpisywanych wyrazów.

Our homes are getting smarter and smarter. In a few decades we can expect to ive in houses equipped with etticient (FUNCTIONAL) devices providing connectivity between people and machines .Future( RESIDE) will never feel lonely or bored. New technologies will offer them ,the possibility of an entertaining and (CARE)life, even if fully controlled. To start with there is good news for those who would lke to get rid of tedious shopping .It may sound (BELIEVE), but very soon the inteligent refrigerator will be able to(AUTOMATIC) compile a shopping list and arrage door-to-door (DELIVER) .Televisions wil see the most (IMPRESS )changes .Thanks to the advanced technology buit into ourTVs we will be able to say 'pause' to stop what we're watching and browse through a list of available channels. It seems very likely that the new interface will detect (FACE) expressions and offer viewing suggestions based on our present mood. Smart showers will offer (PERSONAL)water flow and temperature settings for each adult family member with additional (PARENT) control, so the days of nagging teenagers to get out of the shower might become thing of the past. Mobile phones and the internet have already become an integral part of our daily routine.(DOUBT), technology will soon control every aspect of our lives, from our diet to the settings on our electric toothbrush.