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Angielski, potrzebuje odpowiedzi do tych pytań

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1. For me more important is earning less money,but have a satisfaction job,becouse it doesn't make sense in the long time,man becomes tired and weary,and money is not the important thing in the life.

2. i think Self-employed work is better than work from company,becouse you have flexible hours of work,you don't waste time getting to work,and you decide how much you will earn.

3.i would like to work a flexible hours,becouse i can sleep more,i don't have to get up in the morning,and i can eat normal breakfast,like a scrambled eggs or toasts,not only sandwiches.

4.Adventages of running my own bussiness are controlling people, earn much money,becouse you are a company founder,and the posibility of implementation my ideas of company.

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